A force to be reckoned with, the MLT-32 spreader boasts a spreading force of up to 31,000 lbs.  Used to pry, bend, or lift objects, it features fixed 32" arms that accept a host of different tip configurations to maximize performance.

Features & Benefits
Interchangeable tip system accepts a variety of spreader tip configurations.
High-strength replaceable tips permit chain & shackle attachment without tip removal (for use with Diamond and Auto tips only).
Premium quality components including a heat-treated, alloy steel piston & piston rod and 32" aluminum alloy arms.
Height 8.25"
Lenght 27.5"
Pulling distance 32"
Pulling force Up to 16,500 lbs.
Spreading force Up to 31,000 lbs.
Widht 15.5"
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